Taking side projects seriously

Today I read an article by Vladimir Kudinov that reminded me how side projects can make a difference in your personal and career life. Just like thousands of Designers he didn’t have any code knowledge and decided to change that by learning Ruby in a month.

Basically what I am doing with Swift currently.

He makes some good points about the fear of starting something new and how procrastination can ruin your motivation. Quoting him:

Yes, we all have the same excuses, but deep down, the real reason is fear — fear to start with a new, blank page, having nothing; fear that it is a hard process and you can’t handle it by yourself; fear that you just can’t make it. Now, add procrastination to this cocktail, mix it, drink it up and never think about your future life so seriously anymore!

And if your goal is to become a millionaire this comment might be for you:

Someone said that if you want to be a millionaire, you need to solve problems of million people. So, that’s the right point, to start to combine your ideas with the problems of other people.

Worth the reading in his Next Big Me page.

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