How we incentivize donating crypto for good


Phillip and I created the CryptoCare dapp to make it easy + enjoyable for Ethereum enthusiasts to support meaningful causes. Throughout the concepting, prototyping, and testing phases, we strived to make sure we provided proper incentives to enhance philanthropic giving in the crypto space. Below we outline the 4 ways we incentivize the Ethereum community to donate towards meaningful causes 🤓.

1.) Provide a digital gift in exchange for real world impact

Inspired by crypto collectibles’ rise in popularity, we incentivize users to support social impact organizations by offering unique and customizable tokens with original artwork in exchange for their donations. Like a merit badge, they serve as a representation of good deed and are a fun incentive to be a part of an important mission. And we don’t try to own the artwork like many other collectible platforms out there. We made these for you and we are honest when we say they are transferred to you in totality 🤗.

2.) Stage a delightful giving experience

There are other giving platforms out there, so it was vital to give the experience some heart. Giving your hard earned money away is seldom enjoyable, so we aimed to show our users a good time, while parting with their ether for a good reason. For starters we transformed the act of giving into “adopting” a crypto collectible to create more connection between the user and their customizable, collectible avatar.

Even upon landing on our site, users are greeted by a smile-inducing mascot delivering a peaceful message and gesture to prompt them towards beneficent action. We felt it important to incorporate values of the Ethereum community; we do not require credit cards, email addresses, or passwords to participate–just a web3 enabled browser. It is completely secure and as private as preferred.

The experience is peppered with cute and conversational microcopy aimed at keeping spirits high. The Kawaii meets Adventure Time visual design stands out from the homogenized state of web design and fills the void in emotionally designed giving platforms. Furthermore, the more you donate, the more you increase the value of your donation, the more your CryptoCare pal evolves. Once an adoption is completed, a blast of confetti expresses glee for the user, adoptee, good deed, supported charity, and mission alike. Everyone wins! Leaderboards on our stats page encourage healthy competition in supporting a good cause and serve as the first phase of gamification 🏆.

3.) Connect people to amazing social impact organizations

As easy + enjoyable as the experience is, what really gives CryptoCare its soul is its amazing partnerships with some awe-inspiring social impact organizations. Some of them even have their own blockchain projects in-flight, so please check them all out!

Currently, our causes are Digital Rights, Environmental Protection, Humanitarian Initiatives, and three wonderful ways to support Heifer International’s efforts with Women’s Empowerment, Donating an Animal, and Sustainable Farming. Each cause has its own unique set of avatars and different states to represent giving value thresholds.

Our current beneficiaries supporting digital rights are Electronic Frontier Foundation, Freedom of the Press Foundation, and Fight for the Future. You can also consider helping to protect our environment with a gift to WildMe,, or Rainforest Foundation US. Or, if you are inclined, our humanitarian-focused cause supports GRACEaid, GiveDirectly, and Heifer International.

Pick one or more that move you and help support the mission 💪.

4.) NEW TEST: Provide a physical gift!

As a dapp, we focused on the digital space, and now we want to test physical incentivizes as well! So for a limited time we’re offering special gifts with select donation thresholds For this initial offering, the first 100 donors who give 0.25 ETH or above will receive a 3-pack of slick vinyl stickers, and the first 50 donors who give 0.75 ETH or above will receive the 3-pack of stickers AND a high-quality fancy pin 🎩.


Our goal is to incentivize the crypto community to donate their ether to meaningful causes and we execute that by: staging a delightful giving experience, connecting users to tech-forward social impact organizations, providing a digital gift in exchange for their good deeds, and now we will test providing a physical gift for a small, yet lucky, group.

Our unique and adorable collectibles will forever symbolize your donation on decentralized networks, and now you can also receive mood-lifting pins and stickers (warning: you will receive many compliments!) to show you care in the physical world. Like a merit badge, they serve as a representation of good deed and are a fun incentive to be a part of an important mission.

There are more features and functionality we’d like to build out, but we need your help. So visit CryptoCare and pledge your support to make the world a better place right now! It’s quick, easy, and will leave you with a smile — and hopefully some stickers and pins as well 😉

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JP + Phillip, CryptoCare co-founders



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