My First Challenge of Giving an English Presentation 👤 #iosdev #swiftlang


I’ve contributed the Swift Package Manager and any other projects on GitHub, but I feel that I cannot contribute them enough due to my poor English.

It’s so frustrating with myself because I cannot explain what I think. And, sometimes I cannot understand what others think. I have to practice English more. 📚

But, I don’t usually speak English. So, I decided to try this presentation. 🗣


The slides of my presentation are here. 💁

It had taken a lot of time to translate Japanese into English. I’m sorry if I missed the up-to-date information. 🙇


I could not answer the questions in English, though the following description is in the presenters guide. 😱

Presenters Guide

Even though we are located in Tokyo, we are an international community. For that reason, the main language of presentation should be English.

And, I could not explain my opinion logically, though I had guessed on some level what the audience have questions about. 😭

However, it’s good for me to try this presentation. 💪

It’s so fun for me to discuss and communicate with others in English! :)


By the way, I am a man. 👨🏻

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