potatotips #38

Satoshi Hachiya
Mar 24, 2017 · 2 min read

I joined a meetup called “potatotips” at Origami in Tokyo, Japan.

iOS and Android developers were coming there to listen to iOS/Android lightning talks. There’re 3 different tickets for attendees — iOS/Android Speakers, iOS/Android Bloggers, and Audiences. They’re selected via a random lottery. “potatotips” is very popular meetup in Tokyo, so it’s hard to join it.

I want to expand such a great meetup, so I blogged in English.

iOS Lightning Talks

I applied for the iOS Bloggers ticket, so I gathered slides of iOS talks.

@ takahia

@ kazuhiro494949

@ r_plus

@ yoshikuni_kato

@ yoneapp


I cannot find his slides, so his title only.

@ eduraaa

@ color_box

After Party 🍣🍻

We had free time for a few hours after lightning talks. We were having Japanese foods and drinking!

Satoshi Hachiya

Written by

R CUBE, inc. / Co-Organizer of try! Swift (https://www.tryswift.co/) / Founder of Pancake Meetup

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