The 35th #potatotips - iOS/Android Meetup

A meetup called “potatotips” takes place around Tokyo in Japan every month.
It gathers tips about iOS and Andr0id application development.

The 35th meetup was held at Toreta, Inc. on November 29th, 2016!

By the way, the attendees are assigned one of the following roles:

  1. Giving a lightning talk about iOS or Android development 🗣
  2. Gathering them on our own blog ✍️
  3. Audience 🤔

In this time, my role was gathering lightning talks about iOS application development on my own blog. But, some great blogs written in Japanese have already published. So, I introduce the topics and blogs written after the event.

Note: Some of them were titled in English at my own discretion. Sorry if I mistook my translation. 🙇

Topics about iOS

  1. Supporting Swift 3 at Toreta, Inc. by @y_koh (y_koh)
  2. Trying Protocol Oriented Programming Conforming to MVVM by kumapo
  3. Tips for display of tweets on Touch Bar by @yimajo (y.imajo)
  4. GitLab CI for iOS by @ikamooon (いかもん)
  5. Embedded Framework in Action by @TachibanaKaoru (Kaoru)
  6. Popover makes easy to flow iPhone/iPad applications development by @hsylife
  7. Recommendation of Firebase by @nafu003
  8. How to make UI Components by @yomoapp

It’s hard for me to have an extensive knowledge. So, all talks helped me to understand iOS development. In addition, I have few oppotunities to communicate with Android developers. So, this event is a special one.

Thanks Toreta, Inc. for organizing this event!
Thanks @tokorom for organizing every "potatotips"!

Toreta, Inc.