SEO is important, the real question is — what are you doing within it? How do you track the performance of your keywords and bring in new ones? Here’s what I’m using and why.

Admittedly, on the many websites in higher education that I have worked on, I rarely created…

I think Twitter is struggling, but it will take me a few years of background here to make the point. Indulge me, it’s still just a 3 minute read :)

It’s 2010, you’re a social media community manager (probably with a different title) and your goal everyday is to convince…

Everyone loves lists — here are 5 reasons why I think you should work at Laurentian University. Especially considering I have two great opportunities to work with our Digital Strategy team currently open for applications:

Where are you going to school next fall?

Every post-secondary bound student will face this question from everyone they know and everyone they’ll meet in between now and then.

For many students, their answer usually comes as two-parts; an institution and a program.

Stony Brook University, for Biology”

“Cambrian College…

I was recently asked this question by Molly McCracken of Kira Academic in order to contribute to their upcoming curriculum on higher education admissions. There was just one question, but it was a biggie. Here’s what I think those three are, please add your own if I haven’t mentioned it!

1 — Full student journey map

In March 2009, one month before I would write my final undergrad exam my professor asked our class of 25 would-be graduates if any of us had a job lined up. I slowly raised my hand and said I had accepted a contract to work as a student recruiter for…

Walking by a university or college student service area, you might see a poster outlining the administration’s top priorities for the year. The focus is clear - improve the student experience.

How were these priorities determined?

Was there a focus group (or many)? An analysis of data on questions or…

Having experienced what could be measured as one of Canada’s largest ever 24-hour window of donations to charitable organizations, Giving Tuesday had a major impact on the Post-Secondary Education landscape.

Taking an early look around the country, just one day after the event, here are some institutions that really stood…

“That sounds like a great idea, but I’m not sure we have the time or resources to pull this off.”

That line is often said in reference to a new digital strategy or tactic in various marketing and communications departments. However, a small number of institutions are able to innovate…

UWaterloo and U of T lead the pack once again

Report by JP Rains, VP Strategy at Soshal and Steve Krysak, Strategy Manager at Soshal.

The Ontario Universities’ Fair attracts over 120,000 students and parents seeking information about the province’s post-secondary institutions. The fair represents the latest, and most significant, marketing efforts to sway the student decision making process. …

JP Rains

Director of Digital @LaurentianU. I ❤ digital strategy and write about marketing, postsecondary education, and digital.

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