Yesterday I was laid off

The explicit title is correct, with or without much cause I was laid off from the job I have loved the most, I have committed to the most and praised the most.

After several hours of thought and words with my former colleagues, I still don’t understand how can someone come up with the idea of laying me off.

Results were good, several thousand in sales had a direct connection to my services. Peers were happy with my work and every time I asked for feedback there was nothing wrong. Except my boss.

Was it for the best? Surely so, at the very first moment the idea crossed my former boss’ mind, there was no going back.

But how did that idea was conceived in the first place? My boss said multiple times that he believed not only in me but in the whole team to be of excellent conditions to make the company great.

Sure, we had our differences as all people do.

Irreconcilable differences? I believe that any difference is negotiable, but both parties must compromise.

He said to me that I had not been able to deliver the actions he believed to be correct to make the process scalable. From my point of view, the process was already scalable from the time I took it. The thing he missed was utmost control and visibility of my work.

But why the desire to make it scalable? There is no point in making it so, as the sales funnel process was way slower in other regions, and attempts to make the process faster have failed due to market size. As the famous book “the Goal” states, you cannot go faster as your slowest team member.

To be very honest, I don’t understand this decision, and I hate it.

I hate losing not only my primary source of income, but the respect from my boss and, most importantly, losing the daily connections I had with my friends at work.

It was unfair and disrespectful, the way it was done at the end. My boss forced me out the same day I got notified as if I was stealing from them. I had no prior notice, I had no time to react, I had no wish to leave my friends.

The first time I had an internal issue with other peers, I was reprimanded and told to read “How to make friends and influence people”. Laying off one committed worker with excellent results and without any real cause is not how you make friends nor how you influence people to perform at their best.

I wish them the best, and hopefully, they can learn from this experience as much as I do.