If you’re going on a road trip, remember this.

You get this sensational feeling from having no time limits, just for a little while, even if that while is only short, short and sweet. It rejuvenates and fills me with a burning urge to explore, explore the earth and find what is out there waiting for me. Whether it be a new little bed and breakfast to stay at, a perfect spot to watch the sunset or the best ice-creamery in town. Driving off with all this time at our fingertips and no real direction excites me, makes me wonder what we could experience in the next couple of days before having to return to our usual routine. Everyone needs a break from routine at times and road trips do exactly that. Listening to Matt Corby and his acoustic songs, watching the world pass by. Listening to The Cat Empire, getting us hyped up for the adventures that await us.

Road trips give me a feeling of relaxation and calmness, the ability to forget about my worries for a short time. Allows spontaneity and freedom to create moments and memories that we will cherish forever. These will only ever be in my mind, unable to be seen by anyone else, pictures and short video clips in my head of these memories and feelings related to the long car rides. Driving past the big dinosaur on the way to Woop Woop, or the familiar dirt roads leading out to Wongara, all of those memories and thoughts provide me with copious amounts of joy and happiness. I love that they are all mine, as much as I want to allow the world to see what I see and have the same feeling, I love that I these moments are mine to keep.

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