Working on your muscles while working on your mind.

It’s been 8 months since I started training at my local gym and I’m still a beginner. I’m definitely more knowledgeable compared to when I first started but nonetheless a beginner. I use to just walk into the gym wanting to be ‘fitter’ and not really know what I needed to work on, I only had the slightest idea. When I walk into the gym now, I have a plan in my head and a goal set for myself. Whether it be to beat a personal best or do that extra set on my most dis-liked machine, I always have a goal. It’s is the only way to improve. Not only am I training my body physically but I’m subconsciously training my mind mentally. Releasing chemicals in the physical activity I do creates the most positive mindset within myself which I then pass onto others without even realising it.

The last few months going to the gym have been for my brain, not my body. Although the physical appearance comes with training and it feels good to look good, that hasn’t been the reason I go. It has become my way of de-stressing and continuing with a level mindset throughout my day-to-day life. Being within the community of the gym you are constantly surrounded by individuals who are all on their journey to a better lifestyle and healthier over-all; body and mind included. It is so motivational and the more you go, the more you understand that no one cares about what you look like or how much you can bench. Everyone’s goals are different but the way we achieve them are the same, through hard-work, determination and consistency. And those are the lessons I am applying to my life right now.

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