If you do business online today then you know that most of your users are coming over a mobile device with an unpredictable network connection, hence, it is critical to test your site and properties over a mobile device connected to a real cellular network. A modern user today can access your website anywhere, anytime under any network conditions. With this in mind web developers and CDN experts start looking at replicating these conditions and have a need to test sites under the exact same conditions. …

This is a thank you note to everyone who has had an influence in my career at Akamai, my journey from being a pre-sales engineer to a senior product manager at Akamai and details of my next mission

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

How did I get into the CDN business?

I started my CDN career on Sept 26th, 2011. I had the privilege of being interviewed by awesome folks like Gagan Achar and Nirupesh Joshi for a pre-sales engineer role at Akamai Bangalore, they did take a risk by hiring someone with no professional work experience. My first Akamai whiteboard was a disaster and I had no clue what a CDN was…

Akamai customers have three different stages of Akamai environments that they can use to build new logic, run an end to end regression on and finally send production traffic over. Below is a break down of what these three networks are and their activation times.

What’s the problem I was trying to solve?

In order to access our staging network we ask our customers to spoof their domains over to a staging server IP or hostname. This is acceptable for a customer that has access to editing their HOSTs file. …

Akhil Jayaprakash

Product Owner Amazon IN Next Billion Users | ex-Akamai | Co-Creator of Akamai Developer toolkit

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