5 reasons you should stop watching Narcos
Nick Brown

Oh, and about what you say that Narcos creates bad stereotypes.

First of all, Ithink Netflix did a good job portraying a very diverse set of people.

But most importantly, sterotype creation lays more on the viewer than on the product. If, for example, I go to watch “Life is Beautiful”, to use the same example as my last post, and I go out of the movie, and the only thing that I can get out of it is that every german is a nazi, or that the only thing that ever happened on Germany was the nazi regime, or that Germany’s whole identity is the horror and the brutality of the Holocaust, then I think the fault is on ME, not on the movie. Specially on this day and age, in a globalized world, where information access is so easy, fast, and cheap. I think it’s my responsibility to be well informed. It’s MY responsibility to avoid the stereotypes, not Narcos’ or Life is Beautiful’s.

You quote a student who says “Colombia is much more than Narcos and drugs”. Of course it is. But why should Narcos have to show everything that is Colombia? This is not a show about Colombian history. It is not titled: Colombia’s history and identity from beginning to end. It’s a show about a specific time in a specific place in a specific situation. Are the creators of a documentary as “Super Size Me” to blame because they talked about the dangers of obesity in America? Because America is much more than just fast food and fat people? Well, sure it is. But no, the are not to blame.

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