How to Easily be a White Ally to Marginalized Communities
Christopher Keelty

Christopher: As whites it is very easy to offend other cultures and special interest groups. It is good to see your concern for them and your care in responding and addressing them. Some day we will figure out how to repay everyone for the hurt we have caused. It is good to apologize regularly for our lifestyle and privilege as well as for the harm caused by our white slave-owning Christian ancestors. Have you ever thought about “reverse white privilege”? A goodwill tax that whites could opt in to that would go into a welfare pot for minorities and groups hurt by whites? I would go as far as saying that it could eventually be made mandatory as reparitions for slavery as well as for war crimes against native Americans, asians and middle eastern countries that have been severely harmed by American aggression over the course of the last two hundred plus years. White privilege earns around $20,000 more per year than minorities which over a thiry year career is at least $600,000 more than minorities. We should be working to equalize the playing field with a 10–15% income tax on whites or alternatively a once in a lifetime fee of $100,000 to several million depending on an individuals net worth.

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