Your political arguments are all shit.

We are all floating together in a warming chamber pot, and the shit has begun to rise to the surface. We hadn’t noticed the heat yet because it has been gradual, but the shit is starting to stink and it’s starting to hit many of us.

We begin to dodge and dive, forming strategies to avoid the rising shit, but many of us keep taking direct hits. We then start to argue over each other’s strategies. If only you had dove instead of dodged, if only you had swam instead of sunk; maybe you would have avoided that last piece. Any remaining group leaders become selfish, irritable, and disrespectful; worsening the entire situation.

Finally, we reach the point where we are all about to kill one another over our differing opinions. Just at that moment, the pot begins to boil and someone simply jumps out.

“What were we doing?!? We were all in there arguing over dodging shit, when we could be out here learning why we’re in a boiling chamber pot — and who is boiling us.”

You see… politics do matter on the surface, and they affect our everyday lives. They are also very frustrating and make you mad sometimes when your friends completely disagree. But those problems are ultimately all shit on the surface. It is far more important to take a leap outside your world for a minute to understand the bigger picture, and why more issues are now boiling to the surface. And it’s even more important to respect each other’s journey and initial ignorance along the way.

Let’s be a real nation of grown ups and start solving the fundamental problems instead of bickering over shit on the surface.

And turn off the TV!