Ever since I first met her, I knew she was unlike the the others. She had that fierceness within her eyes and her chest really did hold a treasure: her heart. She is the smartest woman I’ve ever met. I couldn’t truly explain how, but I knew I was already in love with her.

I asked her to go on a date with me and she said yes. Her true smile always reaches her eyes. It makes me warm inside.

She giggles like a four-year-old. It echoes all over your head until you can’t get over it anymore. It just stays there. She’s a difficult one to shake.

We went on a date, and she kissed me passionately. I felt as if all my life had been bland so far. The club got new colors. The beer tasted way better. I even stopped complaining about the songs on the jukebox.

She opened her big eyes, staring at my soul and asked:

“Care to take me home?”

And, just like that, I was in heaven.

On the following morning, I was asleep while she took a shower in her flat. When I woke up, I heard her before I saw her. She was singing completely out of pitch, but it filled my heart with joy.

I went to the bathroom and was blown away by the view. She was a muse.

She blew me a kiss and invited me in. I promptly accepted. She kissed me some more, said she liked my hair and threw water on my face, calling me silly. Heavenly.

I asked her to be my girlfriend. She laughed as I knew I’d made the right decision.

“I’m trouble. Big one. Sure?”

And I was absolutely, irrevocably sure.

But then. She wrote something on the fogged glass. “Eventually”. I asked her the meaning and she just gave me shoulders. Seeing my puzzled look, she said “Right now, eventually, you’ll be mine”, to which I responded: “Eventually is now, then”.

I’ve never been happier. She loves me, I love her back. We’re best friends, beast lovers. When I wake up next to her, all I think of is how lucky I am. She breathes on my neck, sleeps on my shoulder and lays in my heart. She sings in the shower everyday. I love every single one of her invented lyrics.

Everyday, she writes on the glass: “Eventually”. I don’t really understand the meaning, since I’m hers. But she says that eventually holds every moment of the universe, it’s a magic word. I believe her. She’s pretty smart. I don’t follow her logic or her rules, but I don’t have to. We’re in love and that’s what matters.

I’ve been happy. Life has been going on as it should. She’s a great person, with the greatest heart. She cares about people and is so dedicated to work… It’s amazing.


I can’t stand her singing anymore. I can’t bare looking at those judging eyes, looking at me from above, feeling pity. The smell of her hair makes me sick, she refuses to change her fragrance on my account. I get it now. Eventually.

She knew. She had always known.

Eventually, all things come to an end. Eventually, I was hers and now it all tends to end.

Eventually, this crazy boat we hopped upon will sink.

Eventually, we’ll move on.

Eventually, she’ll meet another guy, take him home, love him like mad, care for him, look at him as if he is the one. And he is. Until, eventually.

It holds all the moments of the universe.

It always comes.

She’s the smartest woman I’ve ever known.

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