The Intercept Is Transitioning From Guard Dog To Attack Dog For The Establishment
Caitlin Johnstone

“ Last year comedian Jimmy Dore called out Washington Post reporters for having ceased to function as guard dogs for the establishment, merely protecting and promoting the preferred narratives of the oligarchic empire, and having become instead attack dogs for the establishment, actively chasing down and smearing anyone who speaks out against that empire. We are seeing the mainstream media function in this way more and more, and let’s not kid ourselves: The Intercept has joined them.”

As confusing as this article is to follow; determining who is the bad guy versus good guy in the above extract from the article, is even more so. Why?

The Washington Post (WP), owned by Jeff Bezos, suggested here by Jimmy Dore to “having become instead attack dogs for the establishment”; is in conflict with the tweets Trump lashes out toward Bezos and Amazon, when any criticism of his administration is printed in the WP.

So, just who are we talking about when referring to the “establishment”?

To date we have: Republican Party Establishment, the Deep State Establishment, Liberal Left Establishment, Politically Correct Establishment, Conservative Media Establishment, and of course the Trump Establishment! So which “establishment” is Dore talking about????

To suggest this is as confusing a puzzle for historians to detail for future generations to know, would be an understatement.