Few days ago I was wanted to start coding a new app, nothing especial, just a example app project. One thing I notice each time I want to start a new project is that the first steps to setup the project properly discourage me from starting it, so I always…

Last week I post about how to create a custom Downloader in the
Picasso library. After posting the article I was told that the next release of Picasso (Picasso 2.4) will have a new API for this purpose.

The new API is called RequestHandler API and It was a PR

Lately, I have been playing with the DropBox’s API and I faced a problem trying to display the image files thumbnails.

The problem

I didn’t have the URL of the thumbnail, so I couldn’t use it directly with Picasso as I used to do:


When you request a folder content from…

On my library ListBuddies I had to achieve this effect, where the ListView auto-scroll if the user is not interacting with it.

My first approach to do so was this one.
To be honest I never liked this approach, the fact of manually create a timer and handle it myself stopping…

Couple of weeks ago I did a small library called FlabbyListView, this library consist in a ListView whose cells are not rigid but flabby and they react to the list scroll and user touch events.

With this post I am going to try to explain the way I achieved this…

One of the most common cases in android development is the need of loading images on screen. If we don´t load them in an efficient way, then we can quickly consume the amount of memory assign to our application, causing the famous OutofMemoryError.

java.lang.OutofMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget.



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