Attracting attention in a social media instant

It has been said that we must grad our target’s attention in eight seconds or less. It has also been said that with electronic media that we ultimately have five seconds to attract attention and solidify the engagement in social media before the individual moves on (Conran, 2014).


Capturing Attention in Social Media

As reported by Inc. back in 2014, the average attention span of a human had dropped by four seconds since 2000 from twelve seconds down to eight seconds which has been reported to be less than a goldfish at nine seconds (Conran, 2014). With the continued advancement in technology with the advent of the of the modern information technology age of social media and smart devices the average person has become less attentive. It is import that we make the social media experience personal to our target audience, tailoring our messages, and personalize were possible. As always, it has been said for generations that a picture is worth a thousand words which dates back to 1918, and the same can still be said about modern day images within the world of social media. Digital images can be impactful and tend to communicate information much quicker than those same thousand words of yester year. In website and blog development it is best practice to use the “KIS” approach by simplifying the message, keeping it simply. In an effort to attract attention through search engines it is import that we optimize our websites and blogs to make the best use of search engine optimization (SEO) in an effort to maximize the online visibility of the digital footprint.

Maintaining Engagement in Social Media

When it comes to maintaining an engagement with the followers within social media, the social media site should be interactive, include creative content which is updated often to remain fresh, and use user generated content were applicable.



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