To TSX or not to TSX, that is the question, and also some Angular 4/Ionic/Web View hate

So I was down in Chicago for the 4th of July with my sister, her boyfriend, and also my family. We met them in Chicago because they live in California and we live in Michigan. Her boyfriend is a software Engineer at Palantir, and so I figured I’d ask him some questions because my UI was taking a shit and I could feel my depression ramping up. Turns out he happened to be well versed in React-Land and was able to handle the problem pretty quickly. I had a single fucking variable that was misspelled and it caused the whole program to grind to a halt because atoms LOVELY FUCKING AUTOCOMPLETE helped me propagate the error in like 9 places in my code… ooops.

Anyway, this brings me to my point: should react developers be using Javascript? I use Typescript primarily at work, and while it overcomplicates a few things that Javascript took out seemingly on purpose, it also adds some great linting features. My problem wouldn’t have been an issue in Typescript. If I was using TSX the program would have given an error on compile because of the variable typo. Typescript has a neat type safe feature, plus it was built and maintained by Microsoft so it’s pretty legit. The most interesting part I noticed though was that the code for ES6 and Typescript is honestly pretty similar. It feels like in some basic cases you can just switch the ‘.js’ for a ‘.ts’ and you’re basically good to go with a few tweaks to the syntax.

Also React is fucking hard. I went and talked with some full time React dev’s at QL where I work and it was interesting because they thought it was pretty easy… until we talked about React Native. There’s a lot of neat tools to make React your bitch, but React Native is a whole new animal, and she’s a tough *insert new animal name here* to wrangle. Since I work with angular, I originally tried to do my application designs through Ionic 2, and while it was nice, I didn’t feel truly in control. I just don’t know how I feel about web views being used for mobile development. Sure, there are some tweaks to make it easier to access native components, and I’m pretty sure Ionic just released a native library; but in my opinion using their UI elements are kind of a pain in the ass to use and they do some design things I don’t agree with. Sure, it lets you make apps quickly that look pretty, but if I wanna do some dope ass custom stuff, then it leads to a lot of re-writing code, which I guess would make me a badass, wouldn’t it? Damn… ANYWAY, I don’t like web views and Angular 2 drives me crazy plus you lose that native performance and fuck that man.

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