Hello awesome people! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy in the midst of this global turbulence. So many things changed in my life in just a week, which made me have to reorder my life backlog including the vlogs that I have already planned.

In today’s vlog, I discuss about the differences between the Scrum Master and the Product Owner role. Many people in the past have asked me about the differences between the two roles, mainly from those people who are switching careers. …

Hello Awesome People. I hope you are keeping yourself and family safe and well during this period. As some of you already requested on my channel’s community page, in today’s vlog I am sharing with you how to use Scrum with Kanban. Rather than choosing Scrum or Kanban, awesome teams who start with Kanban or Scrum, will incrementally add the aspects that are provided by Scrum and Kanban as it is beneficial for them to improve their agility. Make sure you watch the whole video so that you don’t miss any important information. Hopefully this video is helpful for your team to improve their agility. And also don’t forget to read the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams after you watch this video. See you until my next video.

Hello awesome people. I am sorry I have been away for a while since I’ve been busy with stuff. Today’s video is the continuation of my video: What Is The Definition of Done In Scrum. Just like my previous video, many of my future videos will be referring back to this video.

Other than the Definition of Done, the Sprint Goal is the other most important aspect of Scrum. It is interesting to see that many Scrum Teams do not have any Sprint Goal, which makes their Sprint no different to a mini-waterfall. It is also interesting to see in the market that many people still think that the purpose of Sprint is to complete as many Sprint Backlog items as possible, which leads to a Sprint Goal that is output oriented and makes the team look like a feature factory. Often times I see many Scrum Teams spend a lot of time during Sprint Planning to figure out how they can fit in as many Sprint Backlog items as possible. …


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