Don’t Let Your Dog Die, Keep him Ensured

This ad is a great representation of both the need to feel safe appeal and the need to nature appeal. As the seen in the picture of the ad, the woman is kissing her precious pup while it has a look of complete happiness. This is appealing to pet owners as nurturing or taking good care of their pet. The ad is for pet insurance, because nurturing and caring pet owners only want the best for their pet, and an insurance company that makes whatever is precious to you, precious to them it is more likely to draw them in! Not only does the picture stand out with the large words, but the “#1 veterinarian-recommended pet insurance”, completes it. Now the buyer knows that it’s supposedly the best company out there to put their dogs lives in the hands of. That little saying also applies to the need to feel safe. It shows the buyer that the company has proven itself to be good enough to protect. Also “join the nation” will push the viewer to think that this company is possible if the nation can trust in it, so can I. Overall both appeals are very effective marketing strategies because they compliment eachother well and can draw in users through not only pictures but facts and slogans as well.

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