Welcome to the World of Web Design

Web design has always been thought to be the ability to code and develop a website and all the features that are incorporated into it. A lot of us want to just jump right into the code or the design to put a web site together but that is not exactly what designing is. Designing is referring to the act of laying out a site on a page to put your ideas on paper for the next step of developing the actual code to bring this idea to life. In web design we are creating the custom facing part of the web site, the interface between the user and the tables or files in the background supporting the site. This interface that we create must be appealing to users of all ages and abilities, the younger generation needs interactive features like games and quizzes, young adults need content that is easy to scan quickly to get the info right away, and the older generation typically see usability issues as the fault of the site and feel they are the issue. We are trying to incorporate organizational skills into all the best features in the site while we still have the freedom to choose before the time and effort is put forward to code and setup the servers to host all these random features. Web development is the ability to code and actually bring a site to life and produce a tangible substance for others to interact with.

Without the organization these features might work nicely and be cool but if the user can’t find it easily or doesn’t have proper GUI then give me a call when you have a chance or else they bring no value to the site. All sites that we make must site appear legitimate and professional as to not turn away potential users. I have always been into coding, which has been a passion in my life since freshman year of high school or even a little bit before, so I understand the need to plan out what your hoping to build. I found that without this design phase being completed, we tend to take the development phase as a free for all and start creating with no real direction. For web sites this is especially true since the thing that makes a website a great site is the flow and usability that is offered to the user, without this the site is just an unorganized mess of words and tools.

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