Mulamail — A blockchain Email

How does a “blockchain” email even works ?

The blockchain part of Mulamail is based in the concept of privacy and security. Each user is interacting with the SMTP agents from a digital wallet perspective. This enables whitelisting (spam-proof) and end-2-end encryption of email that are contained within Mula’s SMTP context. The keys associated with a user are generated from its digital wallet and our Random Number Generation (RNG) and are owned by the user.

Mula can still communicate, do @aliases, and forward to interact with most existing email agents and can thus serve as an email management system.

As for hosting of messages, continuity is assured by using a blockchain validator pushed to a public ledger making the email proof valid forever. For performance purposes, data will still be held and served from databases. The data is encrypted using user-owned keys, and this can only be decoded by the key bearer.

Externally sent email will be encrypted using plugins and user-owned key pairs, enabling the use of external servers, such as Gmail in a reasonably safe fashion.

There will be 3 levels of security:

  1. In-network email (Mula2Mula encrypted);
  2. External message, outgoing (encrypted);
  3. External message, incoming (not encrypted).

In-network messages will be identified with a green lock.

Outgoing external messages will be identified with a grey lock.

Incoming external message will be identified with an exclamation point.

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