JP Beck
JP Beck
Sep 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Bitcoin is a currency virus which has already infected the world, and it’s too late to save the hosts.

One by one every currency in the world is going to fail, and as each one fails in turn Bitcoin will be standing there to replace it. Every country is already infected and we are already starting to see the collapse of old currencies and their replacement by Bitcoin happening.

This will happen automatically with out anyone needing to do a thing at this point, and it can’t be stopped. The currency systems of every country are infected by the ability of their people to trade in Bitcoin; which is why some terrified countries are blocking access to Exchanges, and confiscating Bitcoin ATM machines. It’s not going to help.

By trying to hide from Bitcoin and/or stick their head in the sand; they will eventually be left in the dust…forced to comply to survive. Naive countries are trying to quickly stand up their own Cryptocurrency in the belief they can make one which not only can compete with Bitcoin, but which they can still control. Bitcoin in its beautiful simplicity will not be defeated.

Similar to a biological plague Bitcoin is a currency plague, and once set in motion it does not need help too its grim work. The faster countries can transition to this form of currency the better off they will be, but the more they resist the further behind they will fall.

Soon we’ll have a level playing field that is global in scope, and those governments who once had to rely on money manipulation will be in deep trouble. For some countries and regimes the worst thing that can happen is for them to be forced to play fair.

The end will be signaled when the last currency falls, the US Dollar.

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