Procrastination & (Lack of) Motivation

I think that’s safe to assume that everyone at a certain point of its life was a procrastinator. Yep, you know, that little monkey in your brain that says “one more game/scroll on facebook, and then we work”, and all of a sudden there are only 24 hours until the deadline and you’re pulling an all nighter in panic.

Procrastination and lack of motivation more often than not, go side by side. It’s hard to be productive when you don’t have the motivation/drive to push through.

This post wasn’t supposed to be some kind of a guide, but all of a sudden I felt like giving some tips, from a professional procrastinator to you all.

Set Goals and Deadlines

This might seem rather obvious, but setting goals is a great and simple way to get s!*# done. Give yourself a little snack when you achieve them. I don’t mean to treat you like an animal, but the sense of accomplishment does make a difference. Plus, setting goals and completing them will make this an habit. And you know what’s an habit? Something you do often, which Is exactly what you want.

Tip: read (at least) 10pages a day from a book for a whole month. Then, make it a year. Baby steps.

Be surrounded by the right people

I always had a solid relationship with my mom. It was, and still is, a very important person in my life that made a huge impact in the person I am today. If there is one lesson that stuck with me, it’s this one:

  • “Junta-te aos bons e serás como eles; junta-te aos maus e serás pior que eles.“-

It goes something like this — Surround yourself with the best, and you’ll be like them. Surround yourself with the worst, and you’ll be worse than them.

You might find it’s about competition, you’re not wrong but you’re missing the bigger picture. Not wanting to lag behind of your friends,co-workers or pretty much everyone, is in your DNA. It’s a matter of pride. If you can’t motivate yourself alone, surround yourself with environments and people who can.

I find this to be true to many things in life, let it be at college, work or with other kind of goals such as exercising more.

Be productive while procrastinating

Is this possible? Well, at least you can try to take something out of it.

More often than not, when you’re procrastinating you don’t really like what you’re doing. Scrolling through facebook isn’t that fun is it? Nor is constantly searching your phone to see if there’s a new e-mail or anything for that matter. ”You’re just in a bizarre purgatory of weird activities where everyone loses”. Adding to that, you’ve no sense of accomplishment but feelings like remorse and anxiety.

Lately I’ve been switching to simple things like finding new (good) music. Or scrolling through medium reading stuff in my area of work/interest, you can even give it a shot and write a post (yep, you got me). But don’t let this go on for as long as i did.


Don’t give in to the monkey. Credits to Tim Urban, go check his website.