Is it possible to make money with a retail store in the age of Amazon?

This is a fascinating thought experiment: given that Amazon exists, how can you design a profitable local retail business?

The Concord Toy Shop is for sale.

This store has a lot of advantages. It’s in a great location, with a decent amount of foot traffic, an easy walk from downtown and right across from the train station. It is in a relatively wealthy suburb, with many families with children.

So, what are the JTBD for the parents coming in?

Are they trying to give their children a small treat? Are they looking for presents for their nieces and nephews? Are they trying to feel better about themselves by buying locally? Are they trying to give their teenagers a decent job for afterschool?

Are they trying to be better parents? There’s a lot of value to be created in helping parents feel like better parents.

Even more interesting: how could the combination of intelligent (yet simple) software and a local, beloved outlet uniquely fulfill those JTBD?

I’m intrigued.

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