Football #3

Let me know if anyone else wants to get this…

Currently watching a train wreck…that is the Florida State — Louisville game. This game was out of hand at halftime with Louisville up 35–10. The announcers, obviously hoping to bring some interest back in this beat down, kept warning the viewers that FSU was not out of it. Then this little bit of trivia crossed the screen…teams down 25 points or more at halftime have comeback 4 times in 831 attempts…I’d say FSU was out of it.

As the game finally came to a non-dramatic conclusion, FSU had for the first time in school history given more than 60 points and 7 rushing touchdowns, suffered the worst loss in school history based on scoring margin, and finally, the 3rd worst margin of loss by a #2 ranked team. I am not a big FSU fan.

I am also spending some time watching, albeit not very intently, the Stony Brook — Richmond game. You could have watched the game too if you had the Comcast SportsNet-Eastern Long Island channel like I do. The SeaWolves redeemed themselves from last week’s 38–0 shellacking at the hands of the Temple Owls by crushing the Arachnids 42–14. Richmond was ranked #2 in the FCS and had soundly beaten Virginia in week #1.

North Dakota State did it again. The number #13 Iowa Hawkeyes, playing at home in Kinnick Stadium, could not handle the thundering Bison of North Dakota State. NDSU has beaten their larger FBS opponents an unprecedented six straight times. NDSU is once again ranked (#27) in the big boy polls (FBS).

Speaking of streaks, Nebraska sold out Memorial Stadium for the 350th straight time. The streak started in 1962. Memorial Stadium becomes the third largest “city” in Nebraska on game day. The Oregon — Nebraska game was a great game by the way.

Miami (not of FL) — they gave it their best shot…and still come up short against Western Kentucky to take their record to 0–3. Looking at their schedule I see them going 0–6 before they have any chance of winning…a slim chance at that.

Indiana (not of PA) — dormant. The Hoosiers took a week off to prepare for their marquee matchup against Wake Forest. Last time I checked tickets are still readily available…and cheap. By the way Indiana, Pennsylvania is the home of Indiana University of Pennsylvania folks. The Crimson Hawks (formerly Indians) are ranked 15th in the Division II rankings. They scored 73 points in their opener. In case you didn’t know Indiana, PA was the home of BGEN Jimmy Stewart, USAAC/USAF. By the way the USAF is 69 years old today.

Indiana State (there is only one) — went on the road to and won at SE Missouri State. It wasn’t easy. They scored a TD with 10 seconds to go after driving 81 yards in just 1:23. I think it is going to be a tough season for the Trees.

Navy — beat Tulane in an extremely boring game against Tulane. Navy is 3–0 but face Air Force in Colorado in their next game in 2 weeks. I look at the AFA to win this one (I know nobody that reads this wants to hear that). AFA leads the all-time series 28–20.

Army — I know nobody follows Army but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Black Knights after their 66–14 road victory over UTEP. For the first time in 20 years Army holds a 3–0 record. They also received 2 votes in this week’s coaches poll. Looking at their extremely weak schedule they could be 6–0 or 5–1 at mid-season. The Commander-in Chief’s Trophy could actually be up for grabs this year. Army hasn’t won it since the Inchon Landings*

Clemson beat South Carolina State 59–0. Before the start of the second half both coaches agreed to reduce the third and fourth quarters from the customary 15 minutes each to just 12. Was it really worth the $300,000 Clemson paid SCSU to play this game?

Notre Dame with two crushing losses (Texas and Michigan State) is still receiving votes in the polls. They probably think they still have a shot at making the playoffs.

And in the 51st Potato Bowl South Dakota gave up a 17 point third quarter lead and ended up losing to North Dakota in double overtime. I watched as much as I could on Fox College Sports — MidContinent Sports Network as it was not televised in HD. Did you know North Dakota produces in two days the amount of oil South Dakota produces in a whole year? Probably not.

VG: Watching the Chargers whuppin’ up on Jacksonville. We have to watch all the Jacksonville games as they are the closest major markets…aren’t we lucky! Even I don’t think the Chargers can blow a 35–0 lead.

Paper Tigers List:

1. Tennessee

2. Notre Dame

3. LSU

4. Georgia

5. Big Nine (the Big Ten less OSU, Michigan, MSU)

* Jeanne, that’s a joke. The Inchon Landings, generally known as the Battle of Inchon or Operation Chromite, took place in 1950…the CIC Trophy came into being in 1972. Army last won the CIC Trophy in 1996…the last time they started their season 3–0.

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