Uber: Please Get Your Sh*t Together

Image from: Newsweek.com

I’ve been a Uber user since it got to Colombia, my country of origin. Before Uber, you would have to call a taxi company to get a safe cab. A lot of Colombians wouldn’t dare to take a cab on the street thanks to the million of robbery, rape and drug incidents on the news. It wasn’t safe to get a taxi on the street, period.

The phone method we’re talking about is from 2010, not a long while ago. Some of the taxi companies starting investing in more innovative technology and developed apps to take their services to the next level(all cash, no credit card). But it was still very precarious compared to developed companies and the necessity for a safe and reliable transport was rising.

Welcome Uber! At last.

Uber enters Colombia and became an instant success. The first two years were amazing! Lower prices than taxis with background checked drivers in good cars, I mean… come on, that’s pretty awesome. But the last two years for Uber have been a fuc*ing nightmare!

For those who don’t know what’s going on with Uber’s HQ:

Brief Timeline

Kalanick has to quit Trump’s economic advisory council because several of its members have issues with his involvement.

Former Uber engineer Susan Fowler sues over sexual harassment claims.

Waymo, Google’s self driving car company, states that Anthony Lewandoski stole privileged information from Google to start Otto, his own self driving company. Otto was later acquired by Uber.

New York Times report that Uber created a program called “Greyball” to help hide employee activities in countries that haven’t been regulated.

Jeff Jones, important Uber executive, resigns after barely a year of working at the company thanks to internal controversies.

Rachel Whetstone, Uber’s head of Communication, leaves the company.

Google’s Waymo sue Anthony Lewandoski.

Uber fires 20 employees after sexual harassment allegations. Investigations even determined sexual harassment from senior executives.

Kalanick takes a leave of absence, after the death of his mother in a boating accident, and Uber´s board decision to relocate him.

June 20: Kalanick resigns from leadership.

Benchmark Capital, an Uber Investor and board member, sue Kalanick for spreading influence over the board to regain control.

Dara Khosrowshahi is appointed new Uber CEO. Former CEO over at Expedia.

US Justice Department launch investigation into Uber bribing officials.

Another alleged software: “Hell” spying on Lyft drivers.

Salle Yoo, Chief Legal Officer step’s down.

Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer is fired after Uber concealed the breach of information from over 57 million users and drivers. They also payed $US 100,000 to the perpetrators to keep it a secret.

Checkout the complete timeline here.

Uber is amazing, but its management almost drove it to the ground. New leadership and investors can help the company get out of the allegations and controversies, and start focusing more on business… We need it man!

Timeline source: bizjournals.com