Deploying a Laravel App on IBM Bluemix using HubJazz
Percy Mamedy

Nice write up!

One note and a question:

  1. You’ll notice in your build output that it’s actually using PHP 5 and ignoring your options.json settings.
    WARNING: A version of PHP has been specified in both ‘composer.json’ and ‘./bp-config/options.json’
    WARNING: The version defined in ‘composer.json’ will be used
    Installing PHP
    PHP 5.5.37
    That’s probably because your composer.json has a PHP version of >=5.etc defined in it. I had to remove the PHP requirement from my composer.json to get it to honor the options.json settings
  2. When I try using Bluemix I hit issues with Laravel trying to create files (view caches, services.php, etc) and not having permission.
    For instance: file_put_contents(/home/vcap/app/bootstrap/cache/services.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

You didn’t encounter any problems with this?