Forget the NYT or The Guardian. Here’s the new league of news providers.
Eva Bianka Zu Beck

Great piece and very informative and I agree to all of it, but it also raises some questions:

Don’t you see these powerhouses having a place on the longform more detailed newsreading?! Sometimes I grab a bite of the news and end up wanting to eat the whole enchilada, only to find the same old bites being microwaved around…

And what about “fake news” ruining these fresh bites?!…isn’t this onslaught of quick bites being thrown at you like a fast food diet with disregard for the quality?!

And finaly relying on the social media to be curating the news you see/read doesn’t seem to provide a sufficiently varied diet as the algorithm that chooses your dishes will always bring you the same food, right?!

So, to wrap up for take away, isn’t the media’s mission to inform in a true and detailed fashion so to provoke the discussion of new recipes, and surely to provoke a mouthful reaction on it’s readers instead of creating an army of cheesy bites push forward people, so to get a piece if the pre-rolls revenue?!

☺ I don’t know the answer… but maybe the old powerhouses need to find a middle ground that encompasses both models, serving cheesy bites as appetisers for their main gourmet dishes…