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JP Concept
Sep 26, 2019 · 2 min read

How do you make an interior design? What do you do when you are standing inside an enclosed yet an empty space with nothing but just silence floating above?

Perhaps, the answer to this is very simple yet filled with elegance and is answered by JP concept, a famous Singapore Interior Design Company, also a consultancy, founded by Jerlyn Teo in 2005, its founder and CEO, who started with an aim to build an innovative interior design company studio to create interior projects for restaurants, retails, commercial and residential designs.

The company has always focused and will always continue to focus on finding imaginative answers to create conventional and unconventional design conundrums. JP concept thoroughly believes that understanding the underlying architecture, the foundation, and even the environs enclosed within is paramount before the process of designing formally starts. The interior design process, as believed by them, begins the moment one sets eyes in an empty room with the careful and intricate analysis and inquiry of the existing space.


JP concept comes equipped with a dedicated and a focused interior design website team who seek excellence in their creations and ensure that each design not only looks to its full potential, but also leaves an influence you won’t ever forget. Armed with proper understanding and knowledge behind the space, they galvanize design concepts into creations that are visually arresting and functionally utilitarian. Inspirations are drawn from many sources and does not subscribe to any particular trend or style.

Their credential projects include fine dining, retail, commercial and F&B projects. Some of the notable projects include the Bam tapas and Bar, Forlino Italian Restaurant, Peach Blossoms Chinese restaurant, Tatsu japanese restaurant, Zaffron Kitchen, Bakerzin Cafe, Itacho Japanese restaurant etc.

Besides this, JP concept has delivered some of the most vibrant Commercial Interior Designs in Singapore.

We name some of them for your convenience:

· Adrenaline Office

· McGraw hill education showroom

· Office at Suntec City

· Office at Temasek Tower

· Work/Play Office

At JP concept, the team take the work out of play and transform your commercial or office space into a place so magnificent; you would never have the urge to return home. JP Concept utilises their careful observations and combines it with experience and skills to create spaces that meet all your commercial purposes and needs.

JP Concept has also earned various prestigious awards such as Singapore Brands 2011, Asia Pacific Excellence Brand, just to name a few which in turns gives their team of designers the confidence boost and relevant skills and experience to make it work for both you and your office or commercial space.JP Concept places great emphasis on giving their customers the utmost satisfaction and always will. So there is no doubt in saying that your need for Commercial Interior Designs in Singapore is fulfilled by JP concept.

JP Concept

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