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J.P. Cueva
Jun 11, 2018 · 3 min read

The Importance of a Creative Team Builder

Today on social media, TheChive has made viral a Twitter interaction between a Twitter User and Wendy’s. Wendy’s for some years has been recognized as a great Social Media Manager. In Mexico, a few months back, we saw that 7-Eleven hired the right person for the job too. And before this Arby’s, Taco Bell, KFC and Old Spice, among others have shown strength.

Twitter Interactions by: Arby’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Old Spice and 7Eleven.

The reality of this, is that in the background there are several Executives that decided to hire a Content Manager, and this Content Manager has been able to understand his or her role.

Their job isn’t only about someone who oversees the content presented on websites and blogs. This key position is also responsible for creating, editing, posting, updating and occasionally cleaning up outdated content that will affect in both a direct and indirect way the markets, consumers and the brand.

content management is a collaborative endeavor

If the company has the budget, he has to hire a team that will help with all of this. As we all know, creative work needs a different kind of leadership, micromanagement just does not work here, it tends to alienate our collaborators. It’s important to embrace creativity and different leadership skills (think outside the box).

Content Managers, need to be clear in what the top brass (CEO, CLO, CIO, COO, CMO,etc) need , the stakeholders want, and what the brand means both inside the company and outside the corporation. This person needs to be able to incentivize the creation of Corporate Governance/Guidelines, which will help manage the department by providing content creators (social media, web, mobile, physical, enterprise) with a structure and a game plan, by determining the company’s priorities and a proactive (preventive) attitude if needed (relationship with Crisis and Risk Management Committee).

content management tasks

A great Content Manager will work with everyone that is needed. Will be eager in building rapport with Developers, Marketing, Technical teams, company Clients and Partners, as well as the Legal team, and sector organizations.Understanding that whatever is published may affect markets, consumers and the company itself is key.

To sum things up, content management isn’t a digital concept, this job has been around since way before the digital age. We have always search for solutions to manage the content that we distribute within the company and to all the stakeholders out there. So, the next time you see an interaction like the one on twitter, think about what you are doing within your team.

Every company needs a person in charge of managing company’s content.

digital age of content management

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