Distribution Channels

A few weeks back I was honored by my College Alma Mater (Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey), with an invitation to give a class about Distribution Channels.

Basic Distribution Channel Levels

At first I thought this was a strange request, specially due to my background. Well, specifically because I had graduated as a Lawyer (Corporate/Business/International)and was really accustomed on participating on legal panels, giving keynote presentations about laws and probable reforms and even creating the academic curriculum for Law Courses. My mindset was that of a lawyer, a Harvey Specter in SUITS a Rudy Baylor in THE RAINMAKER or even a Alan Shore from BOSTON LEGAL kind of way.

After a while of thinking about it, I realized that to this date my background included working for, or being involved with:

Conglomerates, Food, Beverage, Transportation and Logistics, Delivery, Digital Applications, Media, Energy, Telecommunications, Health and Social Security, Automotive Industry, Petrochemical, Real Estate Development Industries and Companies, among others.

I realized I wasn’t just a lawyer or legal counsel any more. Not for a long time. And that this was a great chance for me to divulge what I’ve learned collaborating with this industries and the hundreds of professionals with different specializations and skill sets.

Since my audience would be a bunch of 19–21 year old Engineering Students from Mexico and Germany, all part of the Innovation and Development Program, well, with one exception which was a 19 year old Marketing student from Germany.

Engineering Students at ITESM Mty

I would be able to talk about IoT Distribution Channels with greater ease and about the importance of understanding your market and the company’s goal so you could try and create strategic ventures or relations if needed. Determining if you are a B2B or B2C company, in what part of the Distribution Channel your are a part of, understanding the fine print on contracts and respecting Patents, among other stuff.

IoT Distribution Channels

All this as a key part of guaranteeing the lowest cost and highest earning desired. Since at the end, if you do not comprehend how your product, service and even your raw materials or produce are distributed, you may lose a great amount of money and opportunities.

I’m glad I agreed to this 3 hour conversation, plus the multiple email follow-ups. This, since now I can attest that at least this 30 students in a few years will offer the world, innovative services and products. Covering a great array of needs.

As an extra I also got to see that my College is taking great strides by making the necessary academic changes for this new age. Which makes me really proud.