The Great Laptop Stagnation
M.G. Siegler

I also algree.

I had the new MacBook (with the latest speed bump) and the Macbook Pro 13" with TouchBar. I tested both a couple of weeks before deciding which machine I will keep. I was replacing a 2015 maxed-out i7 MacBook Air 13".

I must say that the new MacBook is better at handling the common tasks then its previous generation. It’s not just the speed bump, but also the disk speed. I rarely, if not ever see the spinning rainbow wheel. Occasionnaly in heavy Javascript page, but it goes away fast. I like the small format. The One port is not a problem to me. I use often the laptop connected to an external monitor (with a DVI-USB-C adapter) with bluetooth Magic mouse, keyboard and AirPods.

On the MacBook Pro, I found the TouchBar to be totally useless. I feel TouchBar is really for people who do not know any of their keyboard shortcuts. Nothing on it is out of the ordinary useful except for the convenience of the TouchID (but yes, the laptop-watch combination is quicker and more reliable).

I ended up returning the MacBook Pro. I rather have a machine that can handle most of what I do, while being ultra portable. The MacBook is really a great machine. Not perfect, but closed. And in gold finish it is just jaw dropping.

I also ended up liking more the first generation butterfly keyboard than the second. The later on the Pro make too much noise to my taste while typing.

The first MacBook reminds me of the refreshed line of MacBook Air. The first to be released was a slow core duo with only 4 gig of ram. It was slow and the keyboard was not backlighted. 6 months later, Apple released the speed bump version with the backlight keyboard, then the machine really worth purchasing. The first to get out is rarely the one to get. Unfortunetly.

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