Apple AirPods Review - (Almost) Perfect
Timi Ajiboye

I find my Airpods to be the near perfect headphones. It is hard to understand if you do not try them for a couple of weeks. Having not to deal with any wire is just a wonderful sense of simplicity. The pairing is also genius: like you don’t even have to think about it. That simplicity worth more than its price tag to me. And it worth mentionning they are the cheapest bluetooth headphones on the market.

The only thing that can be annoying is the volume control, but as I used them mainly with my computer, it is not an issue. Plus if I look at the amount of time I play with the volume when the music is playing, it is really not a big deal. When I use the volume it is mainly to mute it because someone talk to me. Just removing one Airpod, let you do that in an instance. It also works with video playback.

I love my Airpods ;)

Side note: a recent survey by Techpinions has etablished a 98% overall satisfaction rate for the Airpods. This is mostly unheard of.

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