Press pause, you may learn something about yourself.

Theses days with the instant release of a full seasons on Netflix, you cannot really appreciate the time the actors, writers, directors and producers put into a TV series. You simply consume it in two, three days like they were candies.

But if you restrain yourself and take the time to watch an episode every two, three days instead of the full season, you may find something precious out of it. The storyline, the experience, the emotions of the characters remain in you for a while. And they can change the perception of your environment, relationships and the weight of what is important for you. They have even a stronger effect on you when they are from powerful series like Breaking Bad, Band of Brothers, 19–2 or The Killing.

I think the last six episodes of The Killing had a stronger effect on me than all the 38 episodes before it. Not only because I waited between each episode, but probably because I waited for each of those seasons, year after year, to renew with my favorite characters. The wait made me think, reflect and appreciate even more what the storytellers had to tell me.

Just take the time to appreciate and press pause between each episode. You’ll see… it may change the way you look at them, and how you look at yourself.

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