Dance Crazy Has a Brand New Logo.

Dance Crazy Studio were looking for a new logo that better represented what they did for dancers.

Dance Crazy Studio, is a successful dance school that is a very hard-working and determined company. They teach a variety of styles of dance such as street, freestyle and contemporary. Their two main types of dance are Latin American and Ballroom.

Dance Crazy needed a new logo, so I decided to design and create my own whilst I was on work experience at the creative agency Sequence.

First of all, I needed inspiration, and needed to get my ideas from somewhere. I decided to use Pinterest and used it to search for different categories. My category is dance. I specifically looked at dance logos from different companies to see what had already been designed. I found few interesting logos but there were also others that were boring; at times dull and not really interesting.

I looked at the ones I liked and I took different parts of them such as the colours, fonts and pictures. Then I researched some fonts. I looked at different styles and colours of the font and chose two completely different style of fonts. I went for one very classy font and one very bold and intimidating font.

This is one of the many sketches i had worked on.

Meanings of colours are important. I looked at all of the different meanings of colours that would suit and represent the dance school well. With Dance Crazy being a very determined and disciplined company I needed a colour that would reflect this. I chose the colours red and black. Red is a bold and intimidating colour. It is also very passionate. Black is another colour that is bold and intimidating. They are both eye-catching when used in logos, and they’re also very classy.

After doing all this, I put it all together. Starting with a blank piece of paper, I sketched my logo a few times until I was happy with how it represented Dance Crazy. I moved things around a lot, tried different things to see what worked best. I used different colours, different pictures and fonts in all.

I sketched many logos but this is the one I thought represented Dance Crazy best.

Now this was the hard part. I had to put all this on to the computer by designing it and using different softwares. To do this project I had to learn how to use a specific software. For this I used Adobe Illustrator. I had never used this software before so this was a huge challenge.

After designing my logo on the computer I moved things around and changed things that I didn’t like using different tools and techniques. I created two completely different logos and chose which one represented the company best.

These are some of the different types of fonts and colours Ihave been using.
This was one of the other logos I liked before coming up with my final design.

I feel the new logo best represents what Dance Crazy are as a dance studio. It’s bolder, more understanding and it catches attention in a way the previous logo didn’t.

The font and the writing is more clear and is easier to understand. I have used a picture of a dancer in the logo that informs people straight away on what it is without even reading the name. My logo is more eye–catching and more classy than the one they already have. The logo has purpose, and the colours have a meaning that suit the company. It captures the very nature of what Dance Crazy Studio is. Everything that you see in my logo represents the dance studio whether it’s the colour, font, whatever. It all has purpose.

This is the final logo i have chosen.

Jessica-Paige Davies.

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