I optimized 998 clicks for a given user story down to just 4 and this is how you can too.

Not all users click. Some tap the screen or keys on a keyboard. Others may use dictation to interact with your interface. In this post we’ll refer to any single user interaction as a “click”.

How many clicks does it take to accomplish tasks within your interface? Each click is an exhaustive investment made by your users. …

The holy “px vs em” war wages on. But it never should have started. Not because one side is absolutely correct, but because these design decisions should not be reduced to binary. It’s not all or nothing or one or the other.

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This is a response to David Gilbertson’s rems and ems, and why you probably don’t need them post and addresses each section in order.

It’s definitely better for accessibility

David writes:

My point: you don’t need in depth knowledge and fancy tools for working out if rems and ems are ‘better for accessibility’ — just imagine that you are someone with bad eyesight

This may be well intended but is ridiculous advice nonetheless. …


JP de Vries

Senior Application Engineer

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