Inquiry on Life, Time and Space

Empire of the sun.

The world is a quite unique space. We live on a small planet, orbiting an average star, in one small galaxy among billions, in a largely empty universe. Strange isn't it? When you think how small our planet is, it makes you think how small you are. But forget about space, think about time. We’re here just about a few hundred thousand years, and when we see how much time it has gone since the great Big Bang, we see that we’re just living on the edge of a giant timeline that goes far far away, well beyond from life as we know it.

But, you know, everything you see around you, every little thing is made of atoms that resulted from decaying stars that exploded over and over. Those same atoms that are what you’re made of, were once bright stars in another world. It’s strange to think that all comes from destruction and it’s amazing what beauty can be born from that same destruction. The universe that we’re in, the particles that made us and everything that you can touch or see, the moon and the sun, the stars and the blue sky, all born from collisions and explosions, all made of stardust.

And here you are. After all the epic chain of (not so) random events, destruction and rebuild, here you are, unique in the universe. You have a unique DNA, a unique fingerprint. Even in the little time-frame that we exist, we have the power to change, the power to build, the power to love and conquer. We have the uniqueness as part of ourselves, in this vast complexity of time and space. There isn't anybody like you, not now, not ever, not here, not anywhere. And there lays the true power of being human. The possibility of being unique and of understanding that we’re it. Why is understanding important? Because every little thing that has life is mostly probably to be unique, but only humans have consciousness of that uniqueness, that can think of it and live by it.

But, hey, look outside. Do you see it? The same patterns over and over. The same lives being lived by different people, like a set of oiled cogs in a large machine that humanity as become. The same tastes, the same music, the same goals, the same dress, the same mask… Over and over and over. The uniqueness that makes a human really human is mostly lost, as we became easily replaceable cogs of the giant machine that make us buy the same stuff, like the same things and live the same lives. Like everybody else.

You think you’re free? No, you aren't. You follow the river, like everybody else. You were born, you follow what other people told you to do, you tried to fit yourself into a group, be like the others, following the underlying rules of society. You wake up, put on the clothes that fit better with the current trends of fashion, put your makeup, hide your unique features. Study not because you like, but because you want a job. Find someone, not because you want to love and to be loved, but because you want a family and kids, just like everybody. But why? Why do you are willing to put your freedom aside, your free will? Because you try to find the easy way of feeling the comfort of being accepted. It’s not easy to stand by yourself, defend you beliefs and faith. You need to be strong and to find reasons to hold you up. Finding this is not a linear task, and depends on you and you only.

Living on a rock, traveling through space and time.

The life is a two days shot. Don’t live it for the others. Live it by yourself. Be the identity of your uniqueness. Leave a mark on the others and in the world. Contribute. Build. Love. Conquer. Invent and reinvent. And, when the time comes, say goodbye with a smile on your face and think: mission accomplished.