Another round of beers for table two.

“No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big.” — Anonymous

There are stepping stones in life. The ones that mark a path, the ones you left behind and the ones you wish to reach beyond. The makers that delineate your years that have gone by. Not all stones are created equal, and in life, not all markers are created alike. Some of them remember the days that you failed, lost, cried, struggle, rage, suffer. Some of them are your accomplishments, your victories, your finales.

This is a way of you summing up your life. Like a curriculum vitae, you sum up your entire years of life, every breath, in a hand of peanuts. And, it all seems so little, so fast, so unnoticeable, and yet so reckless.

Remember now, what expects you at the end of that bottle? Will you have the guts to make a decision on your next objective? Or will you stand by on your mistakes and bad choices? Are you ready, player number one?

The beer always talks back.

What is the point in all of this? All your efforts, all your struggle and fighting, pushing against the tide. For what? For who? What is the final purpose in all of it? Why can’t we just stay back and disconnect from the meaningless sense that they say that life has.

We’re deeply chained in a giant wheel that comes to be our society. Everyone expects something from you. Something that can be bad and ugly as it can also be good and fulfilling. And you attend their requests. You do not reach something because it’s good for you but it makes you feel better than somebody else. You need to win, intrinsically.

So you need a motive to live? You have it. It can be immoral, stupid, reckless, but it’s the reason that moves more than half of the human population and societies. After all, think, why there is so many fights, wars and disputes? It’s easy to find it. The need of being better than anyone is everywhere since the beginning of life. Even animals fight because they want to lead, to be on the top.

So, why do we keep going? We know that what move us is wrong but should we stop?

Sometimes you hear that people have principles. Other times people help the others. So, maybe, we can be not so reckless after all. Or we are just trying to hide our inner truth? And, at the same time, feeling superior to others that do not do the same?

Summing up, if you put aside your inner force to be greater than anything else, you reach a dead and meaningless black hole. And you need to make the choice.

Be better, faster, stronger.