I didn’t ask

Did you say something?

The winds and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators. — Edward Gibbon

Sea. The wonder of waves. The moving masses of water pounding into the shore in a cozy morning. They come and go as the grains of sands in an hourglass.

There are certain patterns in nature. One of those is that everything is or will be moving. Rivers, rain, sea, the wind in a calm forest, the most peculiar sound of the howling cavern. Waving with and through all your surroundings and yourself.

Moving leads to change. As the sand has come it also will go. Change may lead to more change or stabilization, but neither of them will last eternally. It’s the nature of things, the nature of the atoms itself, constant moving little things that can’t even fit the imagination of one.

Life is full of moving. You will not be asking for it, but, sometimes there will be storms, as well as there will be calm seas. And there will be fire, as there will be ice.

And, as there will be moving, there will be times and moments. They can last years or just fractions of a minute or even seconds. And, whatever happens, never let them go, sometimes moments it’s all that you will ever get.


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