paradox: a statement that, despite apparently sound reasoning from true premises, leads to a self-contradictory conclusion.
Overlapping beats.

There is no such thing in nature as a paradox. Two self-contradictory laws can’t exist in the fabric of space-time. Yet, our mind can fabricate paradoxes easily and live with them.

We mostly don’t change the world but live it by our own luck. And we fail to distinguish the non-fitting variables on our long-running equation of values, doubts, objectives, objections, desires, and intentions.

You were one of those bright shining unpredictable variables. One of those that contradict with everything, but that you want more than anything to fit into. You can’t exist in this world, and yet you fell into that little empty space, that was waiting for you all along.

You’re my paradoxical dream, of what I want and can’t have. You’re the possibility of impossible being possible. Feeling like I can make everything right even if everything I can do can only be wrong.

The Long Journey into the deepness of you scent, the storm and tranquility of your eyes, the marvelous smile upon your face, the gravity field that pushes me towards you. All of this can’t be but still is.

You’re the best memories that are way too fresh to be only memories. You’re the memory of tomorrow. You’re the truth in the lies that I have told to myself every night.

I’ll be keeping you safe. One last victory. Allow me that — give me that, my Impossible Girl. Thank you… and goodbye.” 
 — The Time of the Doctor, Doctor Who

This is not a rant neither is a quiet discourse. This is a verbalisation of paradoxical​ thoughts. This is a dedication. This is the feel of your lips, the touch of your hand and your warmest hug. This is the power of a decision that can’t be made. This is me for you.

To the impossible girl.

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