A Life of Adventure

What comes to your mind when you think of adventure?

Do you think of a journey in a foreign land riddled with strange people and cultures? Do you think of an adrenaline rush that involves putting your body in danger? Do you think of venturing into untouched wilderness to escape?

The word adventure is a subjective, relative word that often evokes emotion in different ways for different people. I embody an adventurous lifestyle — and that could mean anything to you.

So what do I do? Why do I do it?

How I adventure

I adventure through exploration. The same feeling every time you find yourself somewhere new — curiosity, excitement, anxiety, appreciation — is how I feel on every new hike or trip. Those evoked emotions, while appreciating God’s beauty and creation, brings about an excellent experience.

This world is magnificent and it bothers me how we can get so comfortable in our own little bubbles, ignorant of the beauty that extends for thousand of miles in every direction.

A flight, drive, or walk, can put us somewhere new. And that’s what amazes me. This world, that we often omit so much of, is filled with experiences, people, and sights waiting to be witnessed.

Adventure gives me purpose, inspiration, and identity.

How do you adventure?