I was not incapable of following DHH’s thought. I merely had another thought, inspired by his.
Dave Land (D-CA)

I’m a non-native English speaker, so there may be unintended connotations for which I’d apologize. It is not that I wanted to say, maybe you are too dumb to see the point. If I intend to tell people I think they are stupid I do this more explicit. No offense intended (but direct language).

So, you don’t see a tendency that a lot of people overestimate the severity of the stuff they do at work? I only need a couple of weeks of holiday and then get back to office to get well aware again that there is the stuff I do and then there is things like heart surgery . If my stuff fails, people have to wait until a bug is fixed to perform whatever they wanted to perform and not even kittens get killed (usually). So, severity is basically some sort of delay that only in seldem cases really has bad consequences. That is rather not the case with a failed heart surgery.

And still I see a worth in my work and do it seriously.

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