Please avoid gender all together. The terms man and woman still isolate so many people.
Karla Dunn

Totally. It is funny. When I first had contact with gender mainstreaming my reaction was, WTF are you insane, what is your problem?

I was raised and grew up to not distinguish between gender. But not by indoctrination but by just no being taught that concept. Now, when mainstreamers come to me and tell me about their case, to me this sounds like: Listen, first we have this two concepts of social stereotypes that many people believe in. That is really sad. So sad. Now, second, as you please also treat this concepts as real, you HAVE to demonize this binary separation of all personalities. And I’m like, well, OK, I see your point, it is really faineant that so many people put others into these two boxes. But I have no boxes at all. So why should I adopt a problem and put energy in solving it if I do not have it in the first place?

And then they get angry. Because they believe, I don’t understand them. But I do. Very well. But I know to clearly distinct between my reaction to behavior of others and my genuinely own behavior.

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