Mini Essay

My relationship with technology started from an early age. One of my first memories interacting with a piece of technology is when I was about seven years old. My aunt bought a new MacBook and I instantly became intrigued by the application called Photo Booth which allows you to capture photos and record videos. I loved taking goofy photos with my friends and recording mini music videos. It provided me with an outlet to express myself and save those memories of childhood to this day. I go back and look at them and think they are the funniest thing! More tech gadgets I was addicted to were the Nintendo, Wii, and Kinect. I grew up in a time where interactive technology games were new and exciting, and it only fostered my interest.

I continue to be the person my family comes to when they have a problem with their cellphones, computers, or other technologies. It was not always a hassle for me. In fact, I enjoy it because it is just like solving a puzzle. Although it can be troublesome at times, technology is great in the way it can assist us with so much in our lives. Practically everyone at Gonzaga uses a laptop to do their school work. I cannot imagine growing up without one because it allows us to get work done more efficiently and expands our creativity. Not only that, but computers and social media connect us to our friends and family. I love the instant communication that the internet provides because it makes me feel more in touch with my surroundings and up to date in our constantly changing world. I see technology as very beneficial in my life and believe I am more expressive of my skills and qualities because of it.