Synth on Skycoin and the state of ‘Crypto’ in 2018

Juan Pablo
Nov 14, 2018 · 5 min read

In response to recent article suggesting the Skycoin-McAfee partnership was fabricated and Skycoin itself was an elaborate scam, head developer Brandon ‘Synth’ Smietana responded with the following email, enumerating a range of opinions on state of the cryptocurrency markets as they stand in November, 2018.

  1. Skycoin did not pay McAfee anything to promote Skycoin. He just loves the project. McAfee hates the NSA and he hates Comcast, so he loves we are doing.
  2. McAfee will be the the presidential nominee for the US Libertarian party, in 2020. Skycoin is the official technology provider for the distributed social media platform for McAfee’s election campaign. The Libertarian party is the largest third party in the United States. The US Libertarian party is 5% of US registered voters.
  3. Skycoin has dozens of active GitHub repositories. Skycoin has over seven thousand commits on GitHub, just on its main repo.We have a total of 38 actively developed repositories with software in them. Skycoin has more development activity than Ethereum or any of the current top ten coins. Skycoin is one of the best coins. Of the top 200 coins, Skycoin is one of the only six or or eight coins that has software developers and its own blockchain. Any coin that does not have a blockchain and software developers is a scam. Every single coin on the market except maybe six or eight are scams.
  4. In my personal opinion the whole “blockchain” space is a scam. 99% of the companies are run by know scammers and drug addicts. I have inside information and dirt on almost every coin on the market and they are all shit shows.
  5. The coins that are run by actual software developers have bad marketing and are dying or have no users. The coins run by scammers, raised billions of dollars, but have no software and no one is using their shitcoins for anything but pump and dumps.
  6. I know personally of many ICOs that raised +700 million dollars. Where the developers told me that less than 10 people installed the wallet for their coin. Then they admitted that 8 of the 10 people who installed the wallet were contractors who were paid to install the wallet. Most of the coins are completely fake and have no users. The coins only exist on exchanges and are only traded by day traders and gamblers. No one is using 99% of the coins on the market.
  7. Coins have been buying fake liquidity to pretend that people are actually trading them. Some coins are even buying fake google traffic from bots, to show “growth”. The whole market is a fake and everything from the market cap, to the trading volume, to community size, to the google search volume is completely faked to bring in investors and steal their money.
  8. Skycoin is one of the only projects that is actually developing or building anything. Not only did we build the Skyminer, but we also have a hardware wallet and we have antennas for the Skyminer and Skywire MESH net.
  9. Skycoin is one of the only coins whose community base is still growing, as the altcoin market commits suicide. We had 500 new users in the telegram last week, while people are leaving the altcoin market by the millions.
  10. Skycoin already has 8000 Skywire nodes. Skycoin will soon have more active nodes than Bitcoin or Ethereum.We have a lot of DIY miners and nodes on the network. At the current rate will have hundreds of thousands of nodes by the end of next year.
  11. Skycoin has no competitors in the crytocurrency market. We are one of the only companies who have developers, our own blockchain, a platform, a programming language and we are one of the only companies who has revenues, customers and hardware. All of the other companies are scams and ponzi schemes that will eventually implode like Bitconnect. Skycoin is almost profitable on software licensing revenue, hardware sales, software consulting and fees from people launching coins on the platform. We actually have customers.
  12. Even huge billion dollar cryptos are a few months away from imploding like Bitconnect at this point. Companies without revenues, are eventually going to lay off their staff and shutdown, when there is no more bubble money from the public pouring in. People are going to be devastated when they lose billions of dollars over night. Just look at Dentacoin or Ethereum going from $1400 to $200.
  13. Many projects raised all of the ICO money when Ethereum was at $1400. Ethereum is at $200 now. A company who raised 70 million dollars at the peak only has $10 million dollars of Ethereum left and they are spending $2 million dollars a month on salaries and marketing. A lot of companies are going to take what they have and just run. They will just start disappearing like Bitconnect.
  14. Skycoin is an eight year old project and the coin is as old as Litecoin. Its not going anywhere.
  15. You forgot to include pictures of our antenna’s in your article.
  16. The reason I created Skycoin, was to take over after Ethereum and Bitcoin commit suicide and implode on themselves because of their shitty management, lack of a direction for the industry and their degenerate software development practices.

– Synth

Skycoin hardware — (from back) official Skyminer, Skywire directional motorized WiFi antennas, hardware wallets and Skywire long range radio nodes.

By now, accusations of ‘Scam!’ are clearly the catch cries of the truly ignorant or paid shills — the authenticity of the project is not in question, as is obvious to anyone taking a cursory glance through the Skycoin blog, the Skywug DIY miner thread, Skycoin GitHub repository or Skycoin launch announcement on Bitcointalk forum.

Synth’s brutal honesty is refreshing in a crypto space drowning in the noise of charlatans and self-promotion. Whether or not you agree with everything he says is a different matter. Like Skycoin’s development progress, Synth’s technical proficiency and vision are not up for debate. However, this email plants a flag for his credibility as a commentator moving forward. Is his blockchain worldview severely misguided? Or is he a once-in-a-generation crypto prophet about to empower the world with radical tools of digital self-sovereignty? Only time will tell.

Juan Pablo

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