Another 100-word story*

He flared to life when he saw her face. He flares to life everyday, but he thought it was because of her. He rose and cried to her across space.

“Hey, baby! What you doin’!” He said in his most come-hither voice. It wasn’t. Suns aren’t known for their subtlety.

“Orbiting,” she said rolling her craters at 1674 kmh. Not fast enough in her opinion.

“Why you be like that? Whatta star gotta do for a little love?” he wheedled.

“I wouldn’t hook up with you in 4 billion years,” she huffed.

He smirked. “Be there in 5 then, baby girl!”

*The Rules I have to admit, the challenge of building an entire story in 100 word is pretty fun. Give it a try!