A lot of my friends have never seen my work beyond the couple of articles I’ve posted the link to on FB, because they don’t even want to take the time to sign up for an account. But a bunch of them did that, just because they were prompted to after reading my article. And I know they never came back
No. You’re right. I think.

That’s the way I am. I posted one story I was proud of to my friends and family on FB and one person saw it. I even had to ask MY WIFE to read it. She thought it was good, but doesn’t see this place the way I do. If people on my FB or Twitter did, would I need it 🤔? But a paywall for a social media site makes the space between my shoulder blades hum a slow, unpleasant song. Perhaps I should step up my skills to get the readership and 💚s to be in the echelon. 😰

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