Was It Racist Or Was It For the Safety Of America?

Donald Trump’s Executive Order against immigration has been a controversial topic. This Executive Order has been seen as unlawful to many people but to others, it is the safety and protection that the United States need against terrorism.

This Executive Order was made to prevent travel of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the United States. It also bans refugees for 120 days and Syrian refugees indefinitely. This Executive Order has definitely caused an uproar and anger against it however what is the reasoning and thinking behind the Executive Order?

I was interested in this topic because from my point of view, this Executive Order is unlawful and unconstitutional. I wondered why and how our president justified the action of issuing this Executive Order. As I listened to the NPR (National Public Radio), I heard both sides of the argument as to why it happened. I knew there was outrage and I definitely did not support Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban however it was interesting to know the different point of view. I would argue that the Executive Order violates the rights of many but some would argue that the Executive Order was placed because American citizens were in dire danger of terrorism.

The reason why I want to research this topic further is because this topic is difficult to find a solid answer for everyone. We shouldn’t have an immigration ban however, what can we do to make the U.S. citizens feel like they are safe from terrorism? To find an answer to this problem, both parties would have to understand each other’s side and find a solution. To do so, I would have to find the reasoning as to why the Executive Order was lawful to some. As I progress with this topic and research more information, I will find possibilities to have a solution that will please the majority of U.S. citizens and figure out whether this immigration ban was right or wrong.

One article we should examine is “The How of an Internment, but Not All the Whys”, by Edward Rothstein. This article discusses the treatment of Japanese and Japanese Americans in the United States during World War 2. This is important to examine because the treatment of this certain race during World War 2, was unconstitutional. They were put into Internment Camps and lived under poor conditions. The reason why this certain ethnic group was treated unconstitutionally was because Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Axis Japanese army. If you look at this article and compared it to what happened after 9/11, you will find that history repeated itself. Looking at the United States today, Muslims are being unconstitutionally attacked. This article is an example as to why it is unconstitutional for Donald Trump to issue the Immigration ban but if we look past our anger, we would find that this article also talks about the other point of view. The reason why these Executive Orders were issued was because of the fear during a crisis/war. Fear of danger is always a part of the human emotion and it is reasonable that the U.S. citizens would be in fear of a certain group that the United States is in a war with. This article is excellent to discuss more about since we can find both point of views and compared it with the United States today.

The next article that we should examine is “Where Trump’s Travel Ban Stands”, by Adam Liptak. This article has many hyperlinks and a video that fact checks Donald Trump’s reasoning as to why the immigration ban was installed. We should examine this because even though the article itself is quite short, it is just a gateway into more information and talks about the Judiciary branch and why they believe that the Immigration ban needs a temporary halt. As it may seem one-sided, this article provides factual information that could shift either side’s beliefs. These facts could help determine the moral code of President Trump’s Executive Order and shift the ideas of an arguing party.

Both of these articles address my topic because it either talks about the Immigration Ban itself or it is an example of what the United States have done already. I believe that this topic would be a very intellectual talk for myself and other readers because it is a political argument that isn’t one sided. This topic also affects the lives of many U.S. citizens so it would be a debate that would last a while. Ranging from Republicans to American citizens that are Muslim, this topic affects a large demographic in the United States. There are many point of views on this topic and how it should have been approached but trying to find the right approach to ensure the happiness and safety for every U.S. citizen is difficult. To find this approach, we must be open minded about the potential ways and criticize in a constructive way to make it so that it is almost perfect.

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