Totally agree, Jon.
Fred Rivett

Absolutely. Great stuff, Fred.

Congratulations on your past year of accomplishments! Fundamentally changing how you view the meaning of your time (like thinking of it all as a limited resource or investment) is really key. Altering what you traditionally do is difficult, but you guys seems to have really found your passion and drive which makes the transition easier, I think.

I really like your idea of publishing, with your posts, the time it took to do it. Like I implied in the post, people feel awkward even admitting specifics of money or time to themselves. Its what you need to make sound decisions though. I’m personally, probably not going to start tracking minutes or hours, but again, just considering what it took is huge. Specifically for the posts I like the idea of publishing what it took because you should be proud to talk about the work you put into writing something. Similarly, you should understand what you’ll be putting into the next post, if you continue to do so. At least at that point you can make an informed decision.

Good luck with your projects, Fred. Keep it up!